jriverarsky 2021/04/26 01:12:35 1 0
klucas 2021/01/04 16:51:04 0 0
Hello! For Soundcloud plays, do I need to add Soundcloud accounts into the software? 
Narine 2021/02/24 22:37:36 0 0
Hello :)I need advice, I use Aiostream 3 Spotify and I would also like to test another digital platform like Deezer?Is the configuration set up the same as for Spotify?Is it stable enough?Or if you have other platforms to recommend that would be cool!Thank you and good day !...
Anthony Lopez 2021/03/04 13:57:21 0 0
Hello everyone I hope you are well, I bought the product a long time ago but it never worked and it has been a long time since the last time I made the claim but nevertheless I am giving myself the opportunity to see if it works, my question is the following Normal that I get so many pages of chrome and they do not stop, do I have to close them or let them pile up? How do I know if the bot is working? Because until now I don't understand how it works, I have followed all the steps that they told...
stephane verlhac 2021/03/01 03:47:47 0 0
Hello, today i run my aiostream, and it bug, i close and open new and ..... my key is lock. Please help me
sscom90 2020/11/03 20:38:31 0 0
Hi, ive purchased aiostream 1 hour ago and my serial number is invalid.emailed them and waiting for a reply, hope i should not open complaint with paypal
benjiix 2020/11/04 01:18:20 0 0
Hello, why use Residential Proxy and not Datacenter Proxy ?I know the difference but it make a real difference for bot streams ?
abwhitehatbox 2020/11/13 19:54:32 0 0
Hi,i have started learning with the Video Tutorials, and sometime i get confused with some stuff in the middle.Can or Is there any dummy templates that WhiteHatBox offers to it;s customer to practice ?For example :Social Bookmarking Bot Template : That creates account, verifies email and submits.Blog submission bot template  etc....
MDeditions 2020/11/19 22:25:00 0 0
aiostream doesn't work for me: the program opens but the music cards don't start.can you explain to me why?
Mohammed Sajid 2020/09/17 13:25:55 0 0
do you all have app automation software like botchief 
Golden Giver 2020/10/02 06:57:01 0 0
Wondering if I can use ipv6 proxies for Spotify? 
DRAIRF 2020/05/29 05:45:45 2 0
I get it and it don't run. The staff say to me they will regard this issue with theri programmers and it was 3 days now. Anybody have this kind of issue with the custommer service (PCAcreator) ??
criztx 2020/08/26 12:15:56 0 0
hiplease help me to solved my problem" there maybe a network problem to our server from your computer program will close now please try again later. if you cant get it work please contact on the forum"i have try to run this program but i get same problem
rootXza 2020/08/04 07:08:56 0 0
Hi Guys,Seems that pvacreator.com is no more working, where can I buy the software?
timepiece 2020/04/26 10:51:45 0 0
Which ones go well with PVA Creator?
Gabriele00 2020/06/05 00:39:55 0 0
do you have a bot or does someone have a bot to autobuy on itunes and climb the charts? I saw that there is already a functional bot for "AppStore" but I don't know if it also works for iTunes .. Can someone help me?
sasha_brown 2020/05/11 21:18:48 0 0
p5_Attempted to read or write protected memory. this is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
Surbhi buha 2020/05/12 02:12:16 0 0
hello everyoneHotmail Creator Stopped Working After Update 6.0anyone else notice this issue?
rodol 2019/12/28 03:00:43 0 0
Hi, i want to know why i need to input Groups URL? Isn't the tool supposed to fetch all the URls or IDs With the option Search Groups? There is a way to fetch all groups URL with your tool or i need to use another tool for that task?
xonex8 2019/12/28 22:15:19 1 0
Hello,I would like some info about setting up BlackBulkMail to send 1 million emails per week, with high inbox rate. The majority of the email list are gmail addresses.What do i have to take a look?VPS?Proxies?How many accounts?Thank you!
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