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Seradolphi 2015/08/10 22:21:45 0 0
I thought BotChief had a free version...when i try to open it there is a request for a serial??? Where is this free version?
troyz 2015/08/09 15:06:50 0 0
I have been trying to use Botchief to receive a email from a dedicated email account and then send to another email account but I keep getting the error message "failed. Reason: No matching email..However the email does exist.Also when setting up Receive Email, sometimes "Email Body Save to" under "Scrape Content" is not available. It does not show at all. Any thoughts!
megadopebeatz 2015/05/27 22:07:15 0 0
is it possible, and if not can it be possible?I'm a TAPIII customer, and have switched from windows since they no longer support XP. The more I use ubuntu the more I hate windows. i don't plan on switching to a different OS.can it be possible to run whitehat box & TAPIII on ubuntu 14.04 with wine?
shashankscg 2015/05/05 12:58:02 0 0
Hi Guys,I get the below error when i click page 2 to check. pl resolve this....
msprecha 2015/02/19 13:44:07 0 0
I have paid you the update fee required to update to the lastest version AND sent you an email with receipt included. But you have not sent me the link or license for the UPDATE! Please respond to this request. Thank you! Linda Waiters
Jungles 2014/12/18 07:41:42 0 0
Hi Support, I wouldlike to set up my proxies once and use them on all softwares. I assume that ''Load WHB Settings'' are meant exactly for that. No mater how hard i'm looking i can not find such a possibility. Please, assist and point me where this is located and how it can be done. regards,Jungles
fnatural 2014/01/06 08:35:53 0 0
I am installing my Purchased TAP2 on VPS and install Trail TAP2 on my local computer for speedy settings .But Whitehatbox is not running on my local Winxp virtual computer please advice
Zavarzin 2015/01/16 08:12:22 0 0
My WhiteHatBox software is barely connecting to the server and almost can't install updates.Three little squares in the lower right corner are always flashing in red/yellow color meaning it can't connect.I can't update the applications. It takes me 3-4 hours to update just one application with a lot of interruptions.I almost can't access the WhiteHatBox site as well. It's aways loading....
skmarc 2014/12/09 05:12:43 0 0
Hi Yinan & Team,Thanks for the wonderful software. It has a lot of potential once we get hold of its functions, It will be a huge timesaver.Here is my Custom requirement. Will be happy if you can get it done for me. 1. There is a CSV file with a list of Ezine articles 2. The URLs need to be fetched one by one - Title & Article body needs to be extracted. Title will become the file...
jingajuice 2014/11/30 19:58:08 0 0
Hi all,I'd like to get started using the KeywordChief tool but cant see any documentation on this. Please point me in the right direction.
cheekygbeats 2014/08/12 04:40:29 0 0
I reinstall windows..  and now i cant runt  whb.  I download it from this website after  i try to run it as administrator, its ust shows that program stop working  and only 1 option that i have its to press *Find solution in internet that douesn helps*
cheekygbeats 2014/02/26 13:17:20 0 0
Already 1 month i have problem whith whitehatbox.... Its takes ages till whitehatbox connects to server... I wass waiting every day from 1 to 5 hours or more till whitebox connect to server...For example today i wait more then 6 hours and its still not...
GaryP 2014/05/15 22:54:28 0 0
Well, that's where I'm stuck.Forms with a field for a Password and directly after that another field to Confirm said Password. I get to the point where i can create a variable for the first one, but obviously the variable for the second field will be different from the first. So the form won't be validated on the server's side.Any help appreciated.
buzzman 2014/02/24 22:53:08 0 0
Stuck at version TAP ii version5.5.6.1. White HAt Box not updateing  How to fix?
suryabhan 2014/01/20 07:15:11 0 0
admin please tell me about all your software and what are they for and are they free
WhiteHatBox 2013/11/18 09:26:04 0 0
WhiteHatBox Client App is a free software that can download, update, run and manage all softwares from us. This makes the installation and update of any software to be very easy, and users can visit software forum, submit software bug from WhiteHatBox Client App directly.WhiteHatBox also can save and manage your local program, so that you can category and find Application very fast.WhiteHatBox wil also provide many free small tools, you can run them direclty from WhiteHatBox.   
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