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  • My topic What am i doing wrong on go...
  • I cannot get google search to work, only bing and yahoo. I type in keyword i want to use for email scrape for example sheffield When i run the program is finishes. Are there instructions?
  • 2018-04-24 03:15
  • lewisr90
  • My topic can you update the add frie...
  • Hi, I have been adding new friends so I can add them into my group. I want the program to search for my newest added friends and then add them into a group. However the adding into a group module doesnt have an option to add friends from a URL or from saved recently added friends results. It only adds friends by account and not URL. Can you update this so It can add friends from a URL or from the searched out results of recently added friends? This would be great Thanks
  • 2017-09-20 04:54
  • lewisr90
  • My topic Problem with deleting URLS
  •  I have a setup whereby I have a list of URLS I want to send a message to.  I want to send 20 per day everyday at 1pm. I have set all this up when the program runs through the module it deletes one row from the URLs then send the message. The problem is the program keeps running even when it has finished sending 20 urls and it deletes a URL from the row even after the 20 messages have been sent. The reason why this is because the send message function is after the url function. So it deletes a url from the row and then realises it has sent more than 20 messages in the send message function. I want the function to realise that it has already sent 20 messages so it needs to stop for the day so it doesnt try and delete more URLs. Do you understand. 
  • 2017-08-24 04:52
  • lewisr90
  • My topic How to get page likes
  • Hi, What are your tips on using following like to get page likes? I have plenty of content I want to use it in order to get facebook likes. What are your best suggestions? Lewis
  • 2016-11-27 10:40