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  • Hey. Sorry for my English. Your program is just a miracle for different languages, but for Russian everything is very sad. Can I add my synonyms from my own handwritten database (adult words and many other Russian words in various cases in Russian). In my database they are in this format (these are Russian words): мальчик|мальчуган|мальчишка мальчики|мальчуганы|мальчишки мальчика|мальчугана|мальчишки мальчиков|мальчуганов|мальчишек мальчику|мальчугану|мальчишке мальчикам|мальчуганам|мальчишкам мальчика|мальчугана|мальчишку мальчиком|мальчуганом|мальчишкой мальчиками|мальчуганами|мальчишками мальчике|мальчугане|мальчишке мальчиках|мальчуганах|мальчишках Tell me how to add your synonyms to your program correctly, preferably in pictures, since I'm not very strong in English - I understand Russian and Ukrainian. I think my synonyms will be useful to those who use your program for ru traffic, and it will be very useful for me to use your program in Russian. Yours faithfully!!!
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