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Difference between FastBulkMailer and Black Bulk Mail?

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Hello there,

as I've checked your page it appears that FastBulkMailer and Black Bulk Mail have similar functionality.

It seems Black Bulk Mail has more mail providers to choose from but are there any other differences than that?

2018/03/05 10:34:31
FastBulkMail does need browser. It is using http protocol to emulate browser to send mail. The advantage is the speed of sending mail is very fast. The disadvantage is it only supports outlook recently. We are working on other mail websites. Please wait for the update.

BlackBulkMail is using browser to send mail. The advantages are it supports many websites. Such as Gmail, Gmx, Outlook, Aol, Yahoo..... The disadvantage is the speed of sending mail is not so fast. Many factors can effect the mail sending speed. Such as your network, the configuration of your computer, the speed of the proxy,....etc.
2018/03/05 19:45:58

Okay, thank you for the reply. You said "FastBulkMail does need browser." but I suppose that is supposed to mean it does not need the browser.

1. Can you tell me which other services you have planned on integrating?

2. Does FastBulkMail support SMS verification in case the account gets locked?

3. Where should I get accounts that I can use to send

4. What are the "right" settings to achieve 90% inbox?

Kind Regards

2018/03/06 11:05:55

It is using http protocol to emulate browser to send mail. So it does not need the browser.

1. We are planning to add the most popular mail websites to this program. Such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Mail......Is there any good suggestion from you? You can give us your suggestion, we will take it into consideration.

2. I am sorry, it does not support sms verification. But we will consider to add a sms verification too in the future. Also if you are running this mail from same ip each time, it won't ask you to verify it. In this program, you can lock the blocked account. And set a max mail sending number for it per day, or interval time for each mail sending, so it will decrease the risk of being banned or asking to verify.

3. I am sorry, we do not sell accounts. But you can buy some software to auto generate accounts, or you can buy some accounts from other website directly. We can recommend a website if you need.

4. Usually all mails will be in the inbox if the recipient does not set some settings for your account.

2018/03/06 23:09:35

Thank you for the reply.

I would suggest to add Gmail next because those accounts have a high reputation when sending emails.

What account creator can I use and could you please name me a good website to buy accounts if needed?

2018/03/07 13:52:18

Very thanks for the reply and suggestion. I will talk this with our programmer.

You can use PVACreator to create accounts. You can go to check if you can buy some account here: https://www.fiverr.com/

2018/03/11 09:49:08

Thank you for the reply.

Is there a demo for PVACreator? What SMS services are used with the software?

2018/03/12 11:19:25

So sorry for that.

There is no demo version for PVACreator. But this program cannot work, then we will refund it to you.

It is using smspva and getsmscode phone service. Did you have any great phone service suggest? We are glad to take it into consideration.

Also you can use your own phone number to register.

Contact me if you need more help in the future.

2018/03/16 02:50:53
Are PVACreator and FastBulkMailer included in the WhiteHatBox Diamond Member?
2018/03/16 11:42:02

So sorry for the late reply

I am sorry. PVACreator and FastBulkMailer are not included in WhiteHatBox Diamond version. You only can use these software which are listed under the diamond version page.

But if you already bought diamond version, and if you want to buy PVACreator or FastBulkMailer, we can give you some discount.

Waiting for your news.

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