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Create New Task Fail

ReplyThanks 2015/01/23 11:51:47 0 0

I downloaded ContentBomb to test before buying the full version to my home desktop PC. But any time I try to create a new task no matter what it is I get an error that says "Create New Task Failed". Also when trying to set up SpinnerChief user name and password it says my acct has been banned.

I thought it was because I am using TAP3 on a VPS and was trying to run ContentBomb on my PC so I installed on my VPS and tried it but got the same error

2015/01/26 05:08:42

How does it work for you now?

Are you using the free SpinnerChief API account? The free account will get banned if it is used on different IP.

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2015/01/26 18:57:23

No and now I got this error too

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