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Vuong Le

I just create a simple manual for this one. Please read it:

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I am very sorry to you guys.

I bought the facebook creator but I can't connect to the proxy

and I received a message that you are not a proxy seller

About the 3G device this is the answer from the developer that you sent me: can control the network connection of the Android mobile phone.

I look forward to you guiding me through this solution ..
2019/06/03 10:21:24

So sorry for the inconvenience.

I will talk it to the programmer and will tidy a detailed manual to you later, please wait for the news.

2019/06/03 16:06:38

Here is the reply from the programmer about the 3G device you request:

1, Turn your phone on in developer mode

2, Then connect the computer and mobile phone with a data line.
3, Open USB debugging

Let me know if it works.

2019/06/19 16:23:42
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