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The update nag screen is locking

ReplyThanks 2019/04/19 16:55:39 0 0

It keeps locking the app up and will not close - it sucks get rid of it

I cant use the program 80% of the time because of this nag message that wont close.

Lily Brown
2019/04/19 18:44:20
Do you mean clicking run and then prompt to update?
2019/11/27 04:49:57

I have the same issue with Spinner Chief 5. Alert box says There is a new version, do you want to update now ?


Update log:

1. Fixed an issue where right-clicking words were deleted incorrectly

It's not happening after clicking yes or no, I've tried with "no" several times, and with yes other, and it gets locked. You can still move the load thesaurus window. I clicked in Load ( Cloud Thesaurus ) and it gets stuck also.

I can't use the program I paid for.

Thanks in advance.

2019/11/27 04:58:00
It seems you should cancel the thesaurus load, then say "no" to the alert, and it loads.
Lily Brown
2019/11/27 14:47:31

You can download Spinnerchief 6 from whitehatbox v1.3.5 or the following download address to use:


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