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Help with Browser Resolution - Anyone else have this?

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Hi Guys!

I'm having a problem with my browser screen resolution. I know it says that a big screen is better, so I use a 15" retina screen that's 2880 x 1800 and the browser size is always small and with chrome it's always zoomed in (crazy big). I thought it could be the screen, so I connected it to 46" TV, and I got the same result.

Here are 2 screenshots, one using the Firefox user agent and the other with chrome (my hand for size reference) On the one with Chrome I even unpinned all BotChief panes and the browser is still weird.

I don't know if this is because I'm using a virtual machine, I use Parallels Desktop, if this is it, can someone guide to a solution?

Thanks and happy Bots!

2019/04/02 18:36:43

Thanks for reporting this to us.

I will talk this with the programmer, please wait for the news.

2019/04/03 03:58:09
1 # Serg0337 2019/3/30 22:45:40

I don't know if this is because I'm using a virtual machine, I use Parallels Desktop, if this is it, can someone guide to a solution?

Thanks and happy Bots!

For Chrome try this

Module Development - [email protected] // Thanks - https://ko-fi.com/arbots
2019/04/03 05:20:21
@Karmagedon, thanks for the DevTools suggestion, but as soon as I clicked on the browser display it went nuts. On the screenshot you can see the tabs section cut in half by this weird zoomed in view of the same window.

Anyways, for now it's fine...I can wait for a fix in the meantime, I just wanted to know if I had the wrong settings or somethings.

Thanks anyways!

2019/04/03 06:20:02

@Aprilcaicai, I found this, maybe this can help to solve the problem.


Module Development - [email protected] // Thanks - https://ko-fi.com/arbots
2019/04/03 18:19:14

Thanks for the help.

I will feedback it to the programmer, and will try to give you a solution.

So sorry for the inconvenience.

2019/04/03 18:26:16

Hi Aprilcaicai,

Thanks for all your help! Maybe, and only as a suggestion, you can ask the programmer if it's possible to pop-out the browser screen from the BotChief interface, to have a bigger view of the DOM and properly select a control element. Or if we have a second screen, have the browser open in one screen and BotChief Editor in another screen and that would be very efficient :)

Thanks again!

2019/04/04 15:29:16


Could you please do us a favor? We will check if there is a problem with the chrome resolution in the BotChief.

1, open BotChief with Chrome, then hide all settings interface, leaving only the browser interface, then visit Facebook, then take a full screenshot.
2, open your Chrome in your local manually, then visit Facebook, then take a full screenshot.

Then share us these 2 screenshots, we will check what happens.

Waiting for your news.

2019/04/04 16:22:52


Done. It's very weird because it seems to really zoom in on something when I hover over it, but it seems to happen when I hover over some sort of control element - not text or images. But links and actions (buttons).

1.- As I said in the original post, I'm using Parallel's Desktop with Windows 10. Here's a screenshot of the resolution:

2.- Here's Chrome open outside of BorChief Editor with the Facebook Login page:

3.- Here's Chrome in BotChief Editor taking away all the panes (except the top menu, because I can't). And I was able to get a normal looking screen after clicking a lot in different places. I did this to start from nothing.

4.- Here I hovered the mouse over the Back Button in the BotChief Chrome browser

5.- This happened when I clicked on the address bar

6.- This happened when I hovered over the logo

7.- This happened when I click on the screen...just cause

8.- Here I clicked again

I hope these pictures and examples can help the programmer and thanks for taking care of this!

2019/04/04 18:15:38

Thanks for the help.

I will forward it to the programmer, please wait for the news.

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