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Feature Requests - Fonts, Text Size, Image Transparency, TTS and a Possible Bug

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Hey There,

Congratulations on launching the new software. Hopefully I'm your first paying customer for it :). I like the application so far, but here are my feature requests, and possible bug reports:

  • Bug: On the "Script area", the window isn't large enough, so the "Next" button, isn't within view.
  • Feature Request System Fonts: I have a lot of really nice fonts on my computer, can you make it so the application uses the system fonts?
  • Feature Request Add Custom Fonts: If you can't do the above feature, can you make it so we can add our own fonts?
  • Feature Request Define Default Text Size: On the Theme settings, can you give the option to specify a user-defined default text size? Right now, it defaults to very small, and I have to update each slide, but I don't want to use "Automatic" because that makes many slides text too large. If you let me specify the default size, then I can fix only the ones I think are too big.
  • Feature Request Default Image Transparency: On the Theme settings, can you provide an option to default the image transparency? By default some images make it hard to read the text and having them default to a user-defined transparency it will automatically make the text easier to read. We could then go through and correct any images that might be too transparent.
  • Feature Request Add More TTS Voices: I've purchased other TTS software in the past with additional voices. It would be nice to have a way to include those voices as well.

I'm really enjoying the application so far and look forward to seeing what you guys do with it. Good luck, and I would really appreciate your feedback on these suggestions :).

2017/08/02 16:20:26

Very thanks for your support

Bug: can you please show us the screenshot of it, cause we tested it on our side, the display of the window is normal.

Very thanks for your suggestion, we will take it into consideration. If our programmers can do it in the future, we will update it asap. Please wait for the news.

2017/08/02 18:49:31

Hi Aprilcaicai,

Of course, here's a gif video of what I'm doing:


2017/08/03 10:49:55


Our programmers are checking it now, any news for it, i will mail you asap.

Please wait for the news.

2017/08/03 10:54:31

3 ways to fix it:

1. change the program style, then have a try again. Please test more styles

2. If method 1 won't work, just click these category to jump to the next step. We will check the reason asap.

3. Go to set your computer resolution to be standard. Then have a try

Let me know if it still cannot work.

2017/08/03 19:15:24

Hi Aprilcaicai,

I tried all of the themes and they all have the same problem. I'm currently clicking on the categories as the work around for now. My screen resolution is set at the recommended 1920 x 1080. I'm not really willing to change my screen resolution, so hopefully the developers can workout what is going on. Thanks for the workaround, that should allow me to function for now :)

2017/08/04 10:28:59

Yes, we will try.

This window can show up fully in our side, so i suggest you change your computer resolution. You should use the standard resolution.

We will try to figure it out. Please wait for the news.

2017/08/04 15:06:05

What kind of TTS software did you buy before? If it is TTS audio source, once you installed this program, then you should be able to find it.

2017/08/04 17:19:14

What font did you need? Did you want to load the font from your local file or online?

2017/08/05 07:49:07
I think loading from local would be more powerful. I can download files from online that I like and install locally, so I would prefer local.
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