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Batch spin brackets to article?

ReplyThanks 2014/08/07 00:53:18 0 0

How get spinned articles after save articles with brackets? Posible use batch generator?

Many files (articles with {}) to many new articles. Thanks.

And small question: whether to wait for x64 version?

2014/08/07 03:43:43

You want to spin {|} articles to new normal articles ?

Just use the Spin function in SpinnerChief, and input the new article amount you want to generate, then click "Spin"

Btw, it is working on x64 system now.

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2014/08/07 03:58:28

Yes, hm... It generates so long. If i clicked to button 'Spin' program will be connected to the servers?
No, does not work. It possible to created full x64. In Visual Studio x64 platform. Then memory sizes for program will be more.

2014/08/07 04:04:16
And one more wish... When i click to Stop Spin program don't understand me and continue work. Work with threads is not correct if program connect to lan, or not correct when spin text (if many threads synonymize text)
2014/08/07 21:13:57

Buddy, I don't understand fully what is the exactly problem you got.

Can you please make a picture of the problem? Or You can add my skype - chinasunny5, we can talk there faster to help you.

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