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Can't pass Copyscape

ReplyThanks 2017/05/10 17:46:30 0 0

I am writing an article about Universal Studios Hollywood. I use the words "Universal Studios Hollywood" a lot throughout the article and Copyscape sees them as already being on the internet so it doesn't pass me. Of course they are already on the internet. This is the name of a very popular theme park. But copyscape doesn't pass me.

Can someone please tell me where I the settings I need to have to resolve this issue? If there is a video somewhere, even better.

I am using Spinnerchief 4 Ultimate Version.

Thank you!!!

2017/05/11 10:57:37

How did you set the settings to spin?

Can you show me the screenshot of your settings?

2017/05/12 18:47:23

Hi, thanks for your help.

attached are 3 images with my settings. Note I am using the online version of Spinnerchief because I'm on a Mac.

I have used various different settings but have not found the right combination to get unique, human readable articles. Also, I have tried these settings with both Miracle Thesarus and Cloud Thesarus.

Thanks again!

2017/05/13 09:53:59

Can you also send me this website (Copyscape) link, we will test it on our side.

Btw, you can send us the article for test too. Many thanks.

I will arrange our programmer to check it asap.

2017/05/13 23:40:05

Thanks for your help.


Here's the link for my article where Copyscape highlights every mention of Universal Studios Hollywood. This is the name of the place, it is all over the internet. But Copyscape thinks I am copying it from other sites. There are also other names that Copyscape has highlighted. But they are names, they are all over the internet. Copyscape thinks I'm copying them.

Let me know if you need anything else from me.

2017/05/15 16:03:41
I already forwarded this to our programmer. Please wait for the news.
2017/05/20 07:09:24


Any word from your programmer??

2017/05/22 16:55:49

So sorry for that.

This bug was already in our work list. We will check it asap.

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