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Few Questions about TweetAttacksPro

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Hey there,

I'm looking for a software that can manage twitter accounts in a bulk (1k+)

So i have a few questions:

1. How many twitter accounts can i run on VPS with 4 cores (e1230-xeon) and 8 gb ram, with daily tasks of 700 follows/700 unfollows?

2. Can it reset password automatically when twitter email locks account?

3. About account creator, can it email confirm created accounts? And can i make non pva (with good proxies that don't require pv when creating manually)? Also if making pva accounts, can i use my own sims and manually enter verification codes?

4. Any money back period?


Would like to hear some reviews from users.

2016/06/12 22:22:00

Hello DavisRand,

1. You can run many twitter accounts on your vps, the better your VPS's configuration is, the more fast and stable the program will be.

And if you do not want your account being banned, you'd better not follow/unfollow 700 users one day. Or you can have a test manually. To be honest, i am not very clear about it. Sorry for that.

2. You can use TwitterAccountManager software to reset the password, create twitter accounts and verify your account mail automatically.

3. i do not know if it needs pv with good proxies, recently TwitterAccountManager can verify the phone number automatically.

4. There is trial version for TAP, and you can go to the sale page to know more about the software.

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