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How to spin paragraph

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Please let me know how to spin paragraph, I have check all tutorial clip but don't know how to spin paragraph. Example:

Origin text will be:

I have a book.

I have a pen.

I have a TV.

After spin will become:

I have a pen.

I have a TV.

I have a book.


I have a TV.

I have a book.

I have a pen.

and so on. How I spin like that. Thank in advance

2016/06/12 00:52:36

Hey bro,

You can use this one to spin paragraph.

2016/06/12 23:27:24

but I having like this

1. exsample 1

a . abc

b. cde

c. egh

2. Exsample 2

a. gor

b. cef

I want to change a,b and then 1 and 2 also. How can I do it?

BTW how to using rotate a,b and c?

2016/06/14 01:37:21

Sorry, I don't understand your mean very well.

The paragraph mix function can let you select some/all paragraph you want to change the order, then program will change their order randomly, that is what it can do. From the your first post, the mix paragraph function should fit for your need.

rotate a, b and c function is for spinning the sentence like - I like apple, banana and orange , it will spin the sentence to - I like banana, orange and apple.

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