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Tidal Royalty Payment

ReplyThanks 2021/03/25 03:11:17 0 0
Has Anyone been paid from Tidal while using AIO? Just wondering if I should proceed with Tidal or go with Spotify free accounts to save me money.
2021/04/06 18:25:49

I wish this forum was easier to access and get notifications from tbh...

I have AIOSTREAM Tidal and Napster planning on getting Spotify and Soundcloud soon.

DM me on IG @twicetoasted with #AIOSTREAM to get added to a AIOSTREAM whatsapp groupchat.

I wanna know what settings people are running, statement screenshots for motivation & tips n tricks etc.


2021/04/21 04:31:29

Is anybody Els having problems with Spotify

Aiostream run time doesn’t run the full time

I set

Otis Jame
2022/10/05 09:34:05
The artists receive the money through a massive royalty fund based on the listening patterns of the subscribers. This is exactly what I am looking for
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