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Totally Value Less Product , Please Don't It buy it

ReplyThanks 2021/03/16 01:58:55 1 0

I bought this software a few days ago . This software does not work anything. If you buy it your money will be totally wasted. You buy any other tools but please do not buy this tools. I also request for refund more then 8 times but they refuse to refund . There content bomb does not work.

2021/03/25 11:13:00

Sorry for the late reply here.

Sorry for the inconvenience you met.

Our software works good, could you please tell us what's the problem you met?

If there is do a problem with the software while cannot be solved, we'll refund you.

As for the contentbomb, it is sent as a gift for free. And it will be updated in the future.

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