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I need your help

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Hello can anyone help meI bought the pvacreator gmail version And got proxy from storm proxyAnd just funded my phone service account with 5sim.net as all recommended by the pvacreator software.My challenge now is on the 5sim, should i buy the country number i want?If yes,i tried buting it but it requires me to put code which i dont know how to getBut i already input the 5sim.net Api key to pvacreator software.So how do the number work with the softwarePls somebody help me i dont know what to do.ThanksPls where am i getting it wrong
2023/12/31 23:45:57
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2024/01/12 02:09:54
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2024/01/16 01:31:45
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2024/02/28 03:46:30
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2024/04/29 18:34:58
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