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Joseph Chin

Google Search Problems

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Hi, I want to do a google search bot with the following requirements:-
1) User are required to input keywords and URL (1 keywords with 1 URL)
2) Bot will search the keywords and click on the website based on the URL.

I know how to scrape the page and I put a wait loop. In the wait loop, I insert a if.., where the scrape url = Input URL, it will click on the website. Problem is how to go to each search result one by one and compare it. I referred to the videos and example templates but to no avail as they are not quite same with me. I hope somebody can teach me the part of loop and if.. Thank you and have a nice day :)
2016/03/24 03:01:41
we can make a customized bot for you to show you exactly you want, do you want to do that? it is a paid service.
Joseph Chin
2016/03/24 03:08:57
I brought the software so that I hope that people can help me when I am facing problem. Hope that there is someone to help me. Thank you.
Joseph Chin
2016/03/24 03:31:40
Sorry for the trouble.
2016/03/25 00:26:32

Have you check the example 1 and 3 at http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=770#.VvI4aaEs_Bs ?

Just download the examples, they do what you want exactly.

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