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Joseph Chin

Some Questions

ReplyThanks 2016/03/01 03:21:46 0 0
Good day. I would like to ask whether we can upload pictures on Facebook post automatically. Can I know how to select files from computer automatically. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.
2016/03/01 04:08:06
please check this link to learn how to upload your file, thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=414T2qTtXT8
Joseph Chin
2016/03/01 23:34:57
And one more question, how can I include spintax in the bot?
2016/03/02 00:59:52
what is the spintax? can you send the screenshot to us? is it from botchief?
Joseph Chin
2016/03/02 02:01:20
Spintax is something like this {This is a {challenging|good|fun} bot}. Then, when the bot run, it will post differently. Sometimes, it will post "This is a challenging bot", sometimes "This is a good bot" and sometimes "This is a fun bot".
2016/03/02 02:13:01

Just add a Variable operate action. here you can view the settings of it

Joseph Chin
2016/03/02 02:15:51
OK, I will try. Thank you very much
Joseph Chin
2016/03/02 03:16:45
Hi, I tried but I don't quite understand how to use it since it cannot combine word 1 (It is a) and a random word 2 (fun / interesting / challenging bot). It just print out the same word again and again.
2016/03/02 03:30:29

If you want to combine word 1 and word 2, please use the this way to process it

Joseph Chin
2016/03/02 03:56:55
Sorry, still got problem. It just print the same word2 without the word1
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