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Joseph Chin

Global Run Problem

ReplyThanks 2016/02/28 19:57:24 0 0
Good morning. I would like to ask when some laptop run my exe file and set to run for several times in the Global Run, the program only run once only and not according to the number set by them. Hope to get a solution. Thank you.
2016/02/28 21:01:36
Hi, joseph can you send a screenshot of your settings to me, we have tested it, it works fine. thanks
Joseph Chin
2016/02/28 21:03:28
On my laptop and some other laptop, it works fine but one or two of my friends' laptop only can run once although they set to run for 5 times.
2016/02/28 21:14:58
please make sure that the settings are correct, or send the screenshot of the settings to us , thanks
Joseph Chin
2016/02/28 22:20:10
Joseph Chin
2016/02/28 22:20:36
This is the settings used by my friend
2016/02/28 22:47:28
please ask him to send the bot to me for test, thanks
Joseph Chin
2016/02/28 22:56:35


This is my friend's dat file. I want to ask whether there is any requirement to run the bot?

2016/02/28 23:16:58
i mean you can send your exe software to us for test, i have checked the software works fine, so i do not know where your problem is?
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