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PvaCreator issues

ReplyThanks 2020/07/27 08:18:40 0 0
Ok so today I finally was able to purchase pvacreator deluxe edition and when I went to sign in my deathbycaptcha account listed in the top tab. It let me add everything like normal now when I went to create outlook accounts it will verify them in logs but not in the actual account list and deathbycaptcha will not even solve the captchas and I do have captchas purchased. Now on top of all this the whole phone verification side wont work any one got any ideas.
2020/07/27 15:05:37
Sorry, where did you see the verify log please? What do you mean not in the actual account?

Are you using any proxy to create the account? Try to remove the proxy at first, then test if the captcha version can auto solve captcha during registration.

Waiting for your news.
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