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The app doesn't work

ReplyThanks 2020/05/21 06:55:02 0 0
I bought the PVA creator Facebook version under the impression that I can create unlimited Facebook accounts. Now if I want to create 1000 Facebook account I would have to buy 1000 proxies and also buy gmail accounts. So what exactly does the app do if I have to keep buying proxies and even buy recapture too. I can't even use the software because the tutorials are not same as the version I bought which is 2.6.2. Any support?
2020/05/21 14:03:22
The software is to help you complete the registration quickly and automatically. But the data used in registration is required by you.

The purpose of using an proxy is for the security of your account. If there are more accounts registered with the same ip, Facebook will detect your currently registered ip and device, and then disable the ip or account, so you can not register more accounts.

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2020/05/21 14:25:24
That means the software does not automatically generate a proxy and I will have to buy that too?
2020/05/22 17:19:54
Yes, proxy needs be provided by yourself. The software only provides the function of using a proxy.
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