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Vera Notz

AIO-Show Debug

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Hello everybody
Can anyone here speak German?

I have a problem check today's update
When I disable the show debug, the windows still come up

what can I do?

thank you for your help
2020/03/13 13:40:39

It is not bug,

Because of the update of Google, the task cannot be run without the debug window, so the debug window is now forced to open.

Vera Notz
2020/03/15 07:01:04
ok this is killing my CPU
can I use the program with Firefox?
and how long does it take to fix this problem?

or instead of the software opening multiple windows, could you open tabs?

king Regards

2020/03/16 09:50:12

I have informed the programmer to test the CPU you reported, please wait for the news.

Thanks for your suggestion, we appreciate that. But one window can only save one account information, so this is not feasible.

2020/03/19 14:21:05

About CPU question, here is the reply from the programmer:

The debug window must be open, then task can run well.

We have not yet found an effective way to run the task without window. But we will continue to study. Please wait for the news.

So sorry for the inconvenience.

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