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Browsers (Chrome, Firefox) is Not anonymous! Leaks device fingerprinting.

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Hi ^

Most of the time this works good but few leaks you should really focus on fixing. Here it is:


WebRTC real IP leak

Description: On some ways to call WebRTC Chrome can mask it but it doesn't always.

Example: https://browserleaks.com/webrtc

Solution: Add additional flags to the extension BC. I edited it with these to work:

This code will block non-proxied webrtc requests and only allow it over webrtc.

chrome.privacy.network.webRTCMultipleRoutesEnabled.set({'value': false});
chrome.privacy.network.webRTCNonProxiedUdpEnabled.set({'value': false});
chrome.privacy.network.webRTCIPHandlingPolicy.set({value: 'disable_non_proxied_udp'});


Leaks your REAL location when geolocation is enabled.

Description: When some calls for your location is engaged, Chrome will leak your real location even if you have set the spoofing.

Example: https://www.infobyip.com/browsergeolocation.php

Firefox (All versions):

Geolocation not working on sites like Tinder. Returns no location data at all.

Firefox (Version 60):

Description: Leaks the Manufacturer of your GPU.

Example: https://browserleaks.com/webgl

Solution: Use additional fingerprint protection in the about:config or from the extension bc.

2020/01/07 16:54:58
Thank you for your information, i will tell our programmer about this.
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