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1 million emails perday

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To send 1 million emails per day, I know I have to buy the pro. Should I use outlook or my own domain email? how many email address's should i send them from to raise success rate?
2019/12/20 15:34:39

With the Pro version of Outlook, then you can not only use your Outlook mailbox, but also use any kinds of SMTP accounts. Just different types of accounts will use different ways to send email.

The success rate of sending emails should not be closed with the number of emails sent.

These are all I know so far, it may be helpful to you:
For verified Outlook.com email accounts: you will be allowed to send maximum 300 emails per day (and no more than 100 recipients per message), through your Outlook.com email account.
Email success rate is related to the following factors:
1, content of your emails.
2, email subject lines
3. format of your emails.

Tips to prevent your emails from being locked:
1. The time interval for sending each email is suggested to set larger.
2, each email has an independent ip
3, the content of the message should not be too long, do not attach many attachments.
4. email content should be vary for each recipient

The more senders, the more messages you send.

These are just our opinions, if you have other ideas, welcome to share with us.

2019/12/21 20:50:56

Just to be clear, you are saying I should have 1 million different ip address's per email I send? or per email address I send from?

Also, what is a good suggested time interval for sending each email? How would you suggest I break down the email sending in bulk?


2019/12/23 11:02:23

IP are bound to your sender to use. One ip for each sender will be the best choice. If you do not have enough IPS, then one ip can be bound to 2-3 accounts.

To be honest, software does not strictly limit the interval time, which means you can set it to any value you want. Feedback from our other customers, better to set it to more than 1 minute.

You can divide your senders into different groups, and only one group runs every day, so that it won't cause the same sender running problem all the time.

2019/12/30 08:31:35
What SMTP account(s) do you suggest I use, to successfully send 1 million emails per day?
2019/12/30 10:37:24

Almost all email accounts support smtp sending methods. And i have told you what we already known in last post, please go to check it.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

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