bigmacman 2015/10/02 23:00:52 4 0
Any body getting this error? I've contacted support but they keep telling me they can't find my account! Have anyone gone through the same situation? 
888888 2020/05/17 05:16:13 1 0
gmutlu840 2020/04/23 05:50:38 1 0
spinnerchief nihai donuyorhttps://hizliresim.com/pKp4k5
caglar07 2020/05/05 06:22:02 1 0
I bought a 3-day trial. Actually everything is very good, but Turkish spinner does not work. Do I need to download an extra language pack?
888888 2020/05/03 16:02:37 1 0
Hello,I have to provide the master spin to a service provider so that they can publish my spinned text on their network.SpinnerCheif does not show the absence of spaces between words. As a result, my service provider's program displays:{One|Green}{Two|Blue}{Three|White}OneTwoThreeI need SpinnerCheif to be able to handle (or be able...
888888 2020/05/03 14:59:49 1 0
Hello,How do you delete unwanted empty spaces (2 or more) between two words?How do you delete unwanted empty spaces (1 or more ) between the end of the last word and the final dot of the sentence (.), a comma (,), a question mark (?), a three suspension points(...) and an exclamation mark(!)? How do you delete unwanted empty spaces (1 or more) before the first word of a paragraph?...
888888 2020/05/03 03:29:49 1 0
Hello,How do you capitalize the first letter in a sentence?Thank you
johnsoug 2014/04/27 09:32:25 0 0
Hi.I just purchased a 3 day trial in order to evaluate SpinnerChief with the purpose to extend this period to a yearly subscription after everything is ok.The problem is that every time i'm trying to use the above software in the login window i get a network connection error message with the advise to try again later.All my firewall , email, password etc.. settings are correct regarding the use of both whitehatbox and spinnerchief...
Abhinav11 2020/04/28 20:55:20 0 0
I am not able to do any manual spin. Please guideI pasted the content, identified synonyms, but when I go to spin it manually I don't see any options.Below is the screenshot of issue I am facing....
sanjay sterl 2020/04/15 03:05:43 0 0
rihsan 2020/04/11 15:35:29 1 0
Helo, as the title say. Please help!
flameblue59 2020/04/06 18:28:53 0 0
Hi, I got query time reach limit while today usage only 1. I have no idea about this. Please fix this as I have been waiting for 3 days but got the same error. Thank you...
dreamwhite 2020/04/03 00:06:29 0 0
can somebody give me thesaurus, im in trouble.
[email protected] 2020/04/01 12:35:52 0 0
The registration code I purchased is unavailable on the web page, it prompts Serial number error, please re-enter.
tyj 2020/03/27 10:29:52 0 0
radenbagus 2020/03/22 09:04:01 0 0
Hi, I am trying to use SpinnerChief API for my projects but the parameter is not working. This is the url that I usehxxp://api.spinnerchief.com:9001/apikey=myApi&username=Username&password=Pass&spintype=0&original=1The problem is it replace the original words[year] is the best time to get free [mainCurrency] from [gamename] generatorinto[year] {...
howard.kenyon 2019/11/25 00:09:21 0 0
Hi I have just bought SpinnerChief 6 and is't not loading past the start screen ...
Tem P 2020/02/20 03:32:57 0 0
Hey, From last 15 days, I am seeing Network error - cannot connect to remote server error is coming.Please resolve asap
David Kellas 2020/01/24 16:35:42 0 0
when it auto submit to wordpress copies first paragraph for title, need to know how to configure spinnerchief to only submit wordpress posts with the title's i chose?
[email protected] 2020/02/02 21:15:10 0 0
Hi, SupportMy Spinnerchief 6 is not working.When I click on Run button then appears the an error window(screen shot attahched).Please provide me the solution.I am contacting you privately because now a days SC complaint increasingly rapidly.Thanks...
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