ddon7650 2016/07/12 10:13:18 0 0
I try to use ContentBomb for submit content to my Blogger but when I select module PostBlogger.dat it ask for a password. Can you share a password for PostBlogger module or share a new one without password?Thanks 
maxpra92 2018/05/30 22:53:53 0 0
hey guys,Is it possible, to scrape pics and save them directly as jpg on your computer? regards
otawarmachine 2018/02/05 04:50:30 0 0
Hello, I have service with feedly.com to view hundreds of article's, now how do I get them into content bomb?  I have full version.ThanksTheodore
[email protected] 2017/10/12 13:17:40 0 0
I would like to scrape Facebook Posts, comments, and images in the comments.  How do I do that?
liza montes 2017/09/09 21:37:02 0 0
Hi, I would love to try this program on my website that has adsense ads? Do you think there could be problems with G.? any information about it? Could you use this content on site money?
BrownCat 2017/08/16 15:32:08 0 0
I want to know what are the differences. I can also post content with GSA SER and scrape content very fast. 
mikey08 2017/07/12 09:10:26 0 0
cant download at this time please try again later, this is the message i am getting for like a week. i got the free content bomb from spinner chief 
bella999 2017/07/14 07:26:01 0 0
veloro 2017/06/04 10:47:06 0 0
Hi, can anybody who has used the premuim/elite version of the software ligh upon on the quality of content produced by ContentBomb?
Moritz 2017/05/29 05:06:55 0 0
When I click Add Content Source, comes only that:https://i.gyazo.com/e5bff32f5348078b221fe7a14452dbed.png...
Moritz 2017/05/24 19:17:56 0 0
I do not find this option.This page I need to login before, no login no content.Is contentbomb able to do that?best regards
Moritz 2017/05/24 19:34:51 0 0
Use BotChief Module to submit any content to any site, please wait more details in next version.Please give me more information for that's.i have SpinnerChief spezial Version, can to do that?best regards
kingseoindia 2017/03/22 14:59:54 0 0
Hi, I am using Windows 7 64bit with 8 gb ram on my system and holder of Spinner Chief Ultimate 4 life time license holder too.I run WhiteHatBox tool with using as Administrator and tried to install ContentBomb but each time downloading fail !it is going to 99% every time and than fail so please do let me know what is the problem and how to resolve it.
catchonnow 2017/03/12 15:44:23 0 0
Can you give me some tutorial video about below works:+ Scrape title, content, description, tag, keyword and spin to new article+ Submit it to my website automatic follow my schedule (Ex 1post/hr and run all day automatic)+ Do not post a content 2 timesnote:  I already buy Content bomb elite version and spinner chef 4 elite version so I want they will run automatic.
biblow 2017/02/24 02:01:00 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:SpinnerChief4Hi thereThere are my options:https://gyazo.com/0e1e90437517b39f754d62c06c85c473Without checkbox "Sentenses" worls great.But I need to batch spin articles with "Sentenses" spinned tooWhat I suppose to do with it?thanks for help
catchonnow 2017/03/08 22:13:34 0 0
I have 3 computer, 1 at home, 1 at office and 1 at my country side. May I using content bomb in these computer. Ofcouse, I didn't share it to other.
biblow 2017/02/21 12:08:51 0 0
Hi.I've bought SpinnerChief Ultimate Edition, (with ContentBomb license, as it written at your sale page)Have question:SpinnerChief running like paid, all ok.but when I'm loading ContentBomb - it running like  a Free license.Please turn it on as paid in my account.P.S Writing post here, because there is no answer via e-mailthanks ...
biblow 2017/02/20 07:24:45 0 0
Hi there.is it possible to use batch spinning in web version of SpinnerChief?thanks for answer )
kinggod 2017/01/13 06:38:17 1 0
can i use content bomb for self hosted wordpress sites ? 
shadir41 2015/11/26 21:42:38 1 0
Operating System:Windows 8.1Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:1.2.1Hi, I am running 1.2.1 and the contentbomb doesn't open at all. The whitehatbox app will freeze and it will close, already sent an email, no reply. can you please check? Thanks!
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